Ramzi Khedher

Founder & fashion visionary

As you might be aware, wearing custom jackets has always been a passion of mine because I consider a jacket to be a very honest piece of clothing: fitted perfectly, it can positively influence not only your posture ‒ but also your mindset. Someone well dressed will feel aligned with themselves and resonate differently with people around them.

I firmly believe that clothing is a language on its own. It is undoubtly a significant component of our non-verbal communication. This is why a person’s style of clothing always carries a reflection of his or her character Apparel is like art for the body: unique, tasteful, timeless. I always advise my customers to embrace their own style, to carry it into the outside world, and to express themselves wholly.

It is my mission as a made-to-measure tailor to assure that my customers are happy. Because eventually, this is what apparel’s ultimate intention should be: to make people feel good.

Ramzi Khedher has been a constant influence in the European fashion industry since 1999. He designs every JJRAMZ garment in his made-to-measure tailor shop in Berlin.

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Clothing is like
a beautiful chaos of languages.

Ramzi Khedher
founder of JJRAMZ and fashion visionary

Why a jacket from JJRAMZ’s Made-to-Measure studio?

We combine…

( 1 )

Made-to-measure clothing and fashion into a timeless end-product.

( 2 )

High product quality with an excellent fit.

( 3 )

Refined fabrics with clean or printed inner linings developed with artists.

( 4 )

Serious craftsmanship and exclusive service.

JJRAMZ Showroom

Heckmann Höfe, Berlin

Heckmann-Höfe: the JJRAMZ Made-to-Measure studio in Berlin-Mitte. The showroom is located in the middle of the historic idyllic backyard, here in Oranienburger Straße – between the Postfuhramt and the New Synagogue – where we welcome our customers, partners, and friends. . Here, we measure every customer personally and take all the time necessary for every detail.

Our JJRAMZ bespoke studio in Berlin is both a creative space and a showroom. Berlin itself is a hub for creative people of all kinds, for lovers of unique clothing as well as for business people. Here, the Heckmann-Höfe is a place where personal taste manifests itself in creative tailor-made clothing.