Tato is an American neo-expressionist, abstract artist, living in the heart of New York City. She and Ramzi Kheder have known each other since 2018 when she stumbled upon the JJRamz showroom when she decided to have a day trip to Berlin during a stopover of her cruise trip in Hamburg. Since then, Tato and the gents’ tailor have co-created several pieces of the collection together. Tato’s pieces of art can also be found and purchased from the JJRamz gallery.


and Story

Known for bringing her emotions and personality straight to the screen, She successfully sells her work in the United States and Europe. Her work is often compared to the one of the late French artist Jean Michel (Basquiat), even though her approach differs in the skillfully layering of materials.

Tato reveals her powerful emotions through the use of diverse elements and textures on the canvas. Since the start of her collaboration with JJRamz, her creations have also come to life on clothing. Customers looking for a funky pop-rock twist or a simple mix of colors will find delight. As part of the collection introduction in Berlin in 2019, Tato’s artworks were exhibited together with the pieces of clothing from the collaboration with JJRamz.

“I think Tato’s art is uniquely refreshing. An expression of liveliness, passion and unapologetic truth that come together in a incomparable way on the canvas. Outstanding!”

— Rey Ray Cordero, Musician


the collaboration