Sameway Collection

JJRAMZ opens a new chapter whose storytelling goes beyond the design. “SAMEWAY” is the name of the new no-season collection, which marks the debut of the Berlin high-fashion label in prêt-à-porter. The brand opens doors for exciting styling, imagination, expanding horizons and common paths. A fashionable commitment to togetherness, a stylistic manifesto for dialogue, a statement.

“SAMEWAY” is the mirror of a multi-faceted, fast-moving and ever-changing world, in which a common thread runs through society and nature. Although everything and everyone is based on individuality, there is always something that connects us. Also the fashion. The brand understands aesthetics as a language that everyone can use in different ways, with which everyone can express and feel differently. This understanding can be clearly seen in the powerful and impulsive ready-to-wear collection that literally depicts the world. Exciting prints can be found on the casually elegant suits, including different continents and languages as well as a wide range of elements from the animal and plant world.