Game changer

We live in a worldwide system change: digitization, technology – and fashion. With the relaunch and our new collection, we at JJRamz are influencing this development and driving the change forward. Become a part of it. Be a game changer.

Your Made-to-Measure in Berlin.
Your tailor-made suit in Berlin.

JJRamz. This is the name of your Made-to-Measure in Berlin. Besides tailored jackets, we also create bespoke suits and shirts for men, trouser suits for women as well as premium streetwear and accessories in our studio in the Heckmann-Höfe. Since 2016, we have made it our signature to combine our clothing for men and women with art, made-to-measure clothing, and exceptional service, to imagine a brand that dresses you in a unique way: JJRamz.

“Clothing is like a beautiful mess of languages.”
— Ramzi Khedher

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JJRamz Colors



by JJRamz

Wearing clothing that fits you ‒ and only you ‒ never ceases to make you feel special. At JJRamz we call this electrifying sensation “made-to-measure in Berlin”. As part of our bespoke clothing, we create individual items specially tailored to your needs. Are you interested in a piece of bespoke clothing but would like to adapt it according to your own taste – for example, adjust the lining, change the color, or include other design elements?

We gladly guide you through this made-to-measure process. At our JJRamz tailor shop in Berlin we take several tried and tested steps to find a superb fit for your individual measurements.

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